First paper published!

A year since I submitted my manuscript for review, I finally have a legit publication with my name on it. *Fist pump!*

Not exactly Nature or Science, but good enough for me!

Not exactly Nature or Science, but good enough for me!

The paper can be found here. It is quite unfortunate that it is behind a paywall…but if you are interested and have trouble accessing a copy, feel free to leave me a message on here or via email. I am aware that the article is not on any google search results at the moment but I have hopes that it will eventually show up.

A quick shout out to my ex-minions, Li Fang and Lin Hui, who worked without pay and provided the extra hands and brain power I needed. This research would not have succeeded without their help. Many thanks to senior co-authors AKA supervisors who provided technical and editing advice.

Of course, there are parts of the research/paper I wish I could improve on but as with every other projects out there, there were certain constraints and I had to learn to work around those limitations. Hopefully this is the first of many publications, and that I only go upwards from here.

Manuscript acceptance!

With much excitement, I want to announce that my first manuscript (chapter four of my MSc thesis) has been accepted by Ocean Science Journal! :D

Can't wait to update the

Can’t wait to update the “Publications” tab!

I’m not sure what’s next since this is the first time I wrote a proper paper which got accepted in a proper journal. When does it publish? Will they inform me? Will I get a copy or would I be paywalled?

In other writing news, I have also submitted another manuscript (chapter three of the aforementioned thesis) to a more local (i.e. Malaysian) journal. This one was a bit harder to write since I feel it is rather dry. It is as though I was doing a library stock check and had to make a report based on that.:-/ Hopefully it will get through peer reviews so that my thesis chapters will be seen by the world on journal databases instead of being hidden in Swinburne’s repository, collecting virtual dust.

Brain (possibly) saves the day

With a nod towards what a good start 2015 is currently giving yours truly, I attended an interview for a research position at one of the few research institutes in the state. Right at the end when the panel of interviewers asked if I had any questions, I was itching to ask a pretty controversial one:

What is the centre’s position on gender equality with regards to career development?

Notably, the panel was all-female except for the lead interviewer who is also currently the acting-CEO of the centre.

However, my brain reminded that I need a job so it won’t rot in redundancy so I thought…:

Thanks, Fat Amy

Thanks, Fat Amy


Hello 2015!

There’s this huge gap between my last post and this and much have happened. I graduated (yay!) and I came to terms with what was a bout of depression. 2014 was such a bumpy year, starting out on a high and ending with much relief that I am still alive.

No, I wasn’t exaggerating. I was in one heck of a valley and crawling out of it took a lot of effort and help. If you are a friend reading this and feeling surprised, don’t worry. Apparently I masked it all pretty well. This is where I thank God for those few friends who recognise it for what it was, gave good advice and was just there. Your phone calls, Skype sessions and WhatsApp messages pulled me through. Extra points to the one who is an actual psychology major and was the only one who took a step back from religion and went, “Be sad, be angry, don’t hold back on raging at God. IT IS OKAY,”. It helped.

If there is anyone out there who is battling depression and anxiety, or know of anyone who is, Eve, a junior of mine back in school wrote an insightful blog post about her own experience. It covers, “…what it is and who is affected, ways to spot the problem, how it is treated and dealt with, and what will happen afterwards,”. If you are certain you are fine and have the honour of not having troubled friends, read it anyway~ Because prevention is better than cure etc. and knowing what it is makes you a better person (e.g. you won’t tell a depressed person that s/he is a disappointment and/or s/he is not doing enough).

I started 2015 on a very cautious note. It’s going to be an uncertain year. I don’t know which direction I’m heading – work in the industry or pursue academia (PhD?) – but I am working towards it being a progressive and productive one. Hopefully.

My great hope is to laugh as much as I cry; to get my work done and try to love somebody and have the courage to accept the love in return. — Maya Angelou

“Approved for Award”

*Insert squeal here*

*Insert squeal here*

This took a long time coming (approximately a year?). Not because I had to extend my research or writing, but because of an external reviewer who didn’t fulfill his responsibilities and couldn’t be bothered to inform anyone about it.

Nevertheless, today is a very happy day. I heave a sigh of relief and contentment.:)